Welcome Point invites international employees at the University of Warsaw to join an online training “Polish Personal Income Taxes for International Employees”, which will take place on 24th March.

The training “Polish Personal Income Taxes for International Employees” is organised by Welcome Point. It will be conducted by Marek Żukowski from the UW Faculty of Economic Sciences.


The general aim of the course dedicated to the UW international employees is to develop competence to calculate personal income tax in Poland applicable to different employment contracts with the University of Warsaw.


During the course the participants will:


  • find out what the income tax obligations in Poland are;
  • learn methods of calculating personal income tax due;
  • practice filling out required tax returns;
  • exchange experiences on the subject of income taxation in Poland.

The course is taking place online on 24th March 2023, Friday, between 11:00 – 13:15 via the Zoom Platform.


The registration for the course is carried out via the Kampus Platform. In order to long into the platform, it is necessary to use the CAS account.

More information about the training can be found on the Welcome Point website >>