Will Brexit damage UK universities? Prof. Marcin Pałys, rector of the University of Warsaw, and Prof. Stuart Croft, vice-chancellor of the University of Warwick discussed Brexit with Anna Fazackerley, a journalist who writes about universities for The Guardian. The article was published on The Guardian website.


In the article, the University of Warsaw rector and the University of Warwick vice-chancellor shared their opinions on Brexit and its possible implications. They discussed, e.g. whether the EU universities would like to partner with their counterparts from the UK, whether scholars are about to leave the UK because of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, and whether Brexit will discourage international students from studying in the United Kingdom.


Here are some statements of the UW rector:

“In academia we all know Brexit was not a popular idea among universities in the UK. There is no added value from Brexit for the academic world. The discussion among European universities now seems to be about how to limit the damage, and not how to profit from it.”


“For many people the outcome of the British referendum was difficult to accept because it seems so irrational. There is a fear that the resolution will be completely irrational too.”


“The risks of Brexit mean that partnerships with British universities can become more expensive than partnering with other European universities.”


It was the first of a new series of 2VCs interviews, pairing a UK vice-chancellor with one from abroad.


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