University Sports Association of Poland (AZS) consists of experienced athletes, committed activists and enthusiasts of various sports disciplines. The AZS community also functions at the University of Warsaw, offering students the development of not only sporting abilities but also, for example, organisational skills.

The University Sports Association of Poland is the largest sports organisation in the country. It was founded in Kraków in 1909 and currently consists of over 40 000 members. The AZS is a co-founder of the  International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the European University Sports Association (EUSA). One of the pillars of the AZS’s activities is the Polish Academic Championships, which have been organised for over fifty years.

The AZS offer at the University of Warsaw
  • Academic Sports Sections

There are many sports sections within the AZS UW, bringing together both athletes and enthusiasts of physical activity. The teams not only represent the university in prestigious competitions, such as the Polish Academic Championships or the Academic Championships of Warsaw and Mazovia, but above all, form a community of people united by their common passion for sport. The full list of sections is available on the AZS UW website >>


  • Games

In addition to academic sections, the AZS UW has competitive sections whose players participate in national league competitions. For example, the UW WaterPolo team is the current Polish Waterball Champion and the AZS Futsal UW team plays in the premier league. Admission to most matches is open and free of charge. More information can be found on the sections’ social media profiles (details available on the AZS UW website).


  • PE and OGUNs

Apart from competition, the AZS also offers some unusual PE classes and OGUNs (open-access subjects), which not only enable students to pass the required subjects, but also allow them to develop in new sports such as krav maga, snowboarding or self-defence. The students who have already passed all semesters of PE can also participate in the classes. A full list of PE and OGUN activities is available on the AZS UW website.


  • Activities

Activities of the AZS are not limited to sport. The affiliated members cooperate to develop academic and recreational sport, organise various sporting and promotional events. In order to join the organisation and receive an invitation to an information meeting, one shall fill in the recruitment form.