As part of the 4EU+ educational collaboration, UW academic teachers can offer their courses conducted fully (including assesment) in an online or hybrid mode to be made accessible via online enrolment procedure to students and doctoral candidates of the 4EU+ Alliance five partner universities (4EU+ Shared courses). Proposals for shared courses must be submitted by 13 January.

Since the academic year 2020/2021, UW lecturers from 22 faculties and other units have made a total number of 165 shared courses available to 4EU+ participants. Over 250 students from five 4EU+ partner universities participated in courses offered by the University of Warsaw.


Courses must be taught in one of the languages of the 4EU+ Alliance partner universities (German, French, Italian, Danish or Czech) or in English, and correspond thematically to one of the 4EU+ Alliance Flagships.


Proposals for shared courses must be submitted by 13 January 2023 using the table provided in the Google Sheet >>


Academics can submit as 4EU+ shared courses only the currently existing courses that are part of the teaching offer prepared for UW students.


For more information on sharing courses with 4EU+ Alliance students, please follow this link >>

For questions related to the 4EU+ Alliance teaching offer, please contact Dr Marta Jaworska-Oknińska: m.jaworska-okninska(at), from the Office for International Research and Liaison and 4EU+ Alliance Local Office.