On 25th March, the event marking the 10th anniversary of the UW Biological and Chemical Research Centre (CNBCh) was organised. The meeting was focused on the previous activities and the future plans of the Centre.

The Biological and Chemical Research Centre (CNBCh) is a research and development unit of the University of Warsaw. It was created in order to conduct advanced research of great scientific importance, the results of which are used to develop new technologies in the field of energy, analytics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, biotechnology, new materials, and protection of the environment and civilization heritage.


The CNBCh was founded in 2013. On 25th March the event marking its 10th anniversary was organised. The meeting was attended by members of the University of Warsaw’s community and the invited guests.


“A great deal has been achieved over these 10 years, in particular, by creating a platform of cooperation, which attracted many experienced researchers and representatives of business,” Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, the UW Rector, emphasised.


“The research teams at our Centre consist primarily of chemists and biologists. However, we also have physicists, historians, archaeologists and even physicians. The wide range of the research conducted at the Centre brings specific results,” Prof. Ewa Bulska, the Director of the CNBCh, said.


The event was held at the CNBCh’s seat on the “Ochota” university campus and was accompanied by the concert of Kuba Sienkiewicz, a vocalist and guitarist.