On 14th August students from the best European universities will come to Warsaw in order to take part in the European Universities Debating Championships. For the first time this competition will be held in Poland.


700 students representing over 100 European universities will take part in the EUDC. The competition uses the British Parliamentary Debate format.


Four teams consist of two members will be competing against each other and discussing about particular question. Two of them will be affirmative teams which objective is to set out convincing arguments that support thesis and two other teams will be negative teams which aim is to be against that thesis.


Debates may concern politics, international relations, social and economic issues and moral problems.


Students from University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Sciences Po, Humboldt University of Berlin, Stockholm University and Central European University will take part in the competition. Poland will be represented by 6 teams – the UW team will be one of them.


Championships are organized by the Poland Debates Foundation together with debate clubs: UW Debate Club and Warsaw School of Economics Debate Club. Two universities will co-host the EUDC.


More information are available on the EUDC website.