UW researchers from the Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, and Faculty of Management will take part in 19 projects which will be funded by the EIT Food. The projects will be carried out in 2019 in the field of education, innovation, business creation, EIT RIS, Cross-KIC Scheme, and communication.


EIT Food is a European Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which was set up to transform our food ecosystem. By connecting consumers with businesses, start-ups, researchers and students from around Europe, EIT Food supports innovative and economically sustainable initiatives which improve health, access to quality food, and environment. It comprises 50 partners across 13 countries including, among others, the University of Warsaw, University of Cambridge, Technical University of Munich, Autonomous University of Madrid, companies such as Robert Bosch GmbH, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Siemens or Sodexo.


The list of projects in which the UW employees will participate:
  • “Professional Development Framework”,
  • “Food System Master of Science Program”,
  • “Global Food Venture Program”,
  • “An Introduction to Food Systems: Scientific, Technical and Socioeconomic Principles to Facilitate the Creation of Food Value Networks”,
  • “IValueFood”.
  • “GLAD – Green Last Mile Delivery: a more sustainable way for home delivery tailored to personalized nutritional needs”,
  • “SmartFoodLogging (SFL)”,
  • „OLEOGELS – healthy and sustainable replacement for saturated fat and palm oil in spreads”.
Busines Creation:
  • “MAKE-IT! An infrastructure to hack simpler and smarter food value chains”,
  • “SPROUT : The pre-accelerator program to drive the entrepreneurs of tomorrow”.
EIT Regional Innovation Scheme:
  • “EIT Food RIS Solutions”,
  • “EIT Food RIS Fellowships”,
  • “EIT Food Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)”,
  • “RIS Consumer Engagement Labs”,
  • “Summer school on new product development for the food industry”.
  • “The EIT Food School Network: Integrating solutions to improve eating habits and reduce food wastage”,
  • “Games of Foods”,
  • “Trust Tracker”.
Cross-KIC Scheme
  • “x-KIC RIS project”

In 2018, UW researchers contributed to 12 projects. Some of them will be continued in 2019.