A letter from Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, UW Rector, on establishing of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warsaw.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Dear University Community,


Having obtained the positive opinion of the Senate of the University of Warsaw, preceded by discussions and a dozen of months of preparations and opinions from the UW academic environment, the Government representatives, individual ministries, as well as numerous experts and representatives of medical universities, hospitals and clinical departments, I have established the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warsaw.


On one hand, turning back to our roots, as the Faculty of Medicine was one of the first UW faculties, and, on the other hand, it is a dream come true to many of us to be able to use the research potential of the UW for medical purposes.


The new Faculty of Medicine will also facilitate a better symbiosis of science and medicine, thus fulfilling the social mission of the University of Warsaw. Furthermore, the Faculty of Medicine will offer a chance to reach higher positions in international rankings and receive additional funding for the research development.


I do believe that the emerging faculty should strengthen the university substantively and enhance the integration of our environment.


I would like to thank you all, and each one of you, for your support in the process of the establishment of the UW Faculty of Medicine.


Wishing you nice summer holidays, with kindest regards,


Alojzy Z. Nowak

UW Rector