The realisation of the multiannual development plan, the anniversary of the opening of the UW Botanic Garden, and the doctor honoris causa degree for Dr. Sergei Kovalev are among the top events to be held in 2018.


  • The realisation of the UW multiannual development plan (2016-2020)

The plan will allow UW to foster research in the humanities and social sciences, tighten up international cooperation and conduct ambitious interdisciplinary projects. Ten of the eighteen investments, financed by the Polish government, will start or continue in this year.


  • UW participatory budgeting

The University of Warsaw wants its students and employees to have an impact on the academic surrounding, therefore the university has organised first edition of the UW participatory budgeting. In 2018, we will find out which projects will be chosen and realised. The results will be announced on 31st January.


  • Dr. Sergei Kovalev will receive a doctor honoris causa degree

Dr. Sergei Kovalev is a Russian biophysicist, human rights activist and politician. He is associated with the Moscow State University. Dr. Kovalev is an author of more than 60 scientific publications. In 1970s. he was sentenced to seven years in labour camps and three years of internal exile due to his activities against the authorities of USSR. In 2018, Dr. Kovalev will be awarded with the UW honorary degree.


  • Anniversaries

In 2018, there will be several anniversaries of events which were important for the history of the university such as the 200th anniversary of the opening of the UW Botanic Garden, the 200th anniversary of the University of Warsaw Library as an independent public library or the anniversary of March 68 where students protested against the government of the Polish People’s Republic.


  • UW and POWER

In this year, UW will begin the realisation of the programme devoted to development of the university. UW received PLN 38 million from the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (POWER). Thanks to the funding, it will be possible to run new study programmes, fund scholarships for going abroad, organise summer schools, and develop IT system of the university.