Over a quarter-century ago, on 17th August 1991, a short yet historically significant email was sent from the University of Warsaw. It was a beginning of the Internet in Poland.


26 years ago, the scientists from the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw, sent the first Polish mail sent via the Internet. Its recipient was Jan Sorensen, chief of the Computer Center at the University of Copenhagen.


– When we connected to the Internet for the first time in 1991, we were interested only in the technical aspects. No one had any inkling of the scale of the cultural and social phenomena that would emerge from the popularization of the Internet. For that reason, it is even more difficult to predict now what will happen in the future. We can expect data transmission speeds to rise and transmissions to require less and less energy. But does this mean that the life of societies will change as radically as when the first global village emerged? Today, no one can answer this question – says Dr. Gromisz from the Faculty of Physics’ Computer Center.


Over the years, the Internet in Poland has gradually transformed from a tool for specialists to a service used by millions of people.


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