We are publishing the University of Warsaw Press Office release regarding the recent protests on the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw (13th June 2024).

Dear University Community,


Responding to numerous inquiries, and as a supplement to the yesterday’s statement from His Magnificence the Rector, we inform you that during the protest:

  • five University guards were assaulted by the protesters, and in the case of several other individuals, there was a breach of bodily integrity (pulling, pushing, forceful stopping, preventing passage),
  • due to cuts inflicted by the protesters on his hand, one University guard was taken to hospital,
  • property was damaged, including damage to the structure of the Kazimierzowski Palace (broken gutters, shattered windows),
  • a real danger was created for everyone present by climbing on the scaffolding surrounding the Kazimierzowski Palace and the building’s cornice, igniting smoke flares, and forcefully pushing the people trying to leave the building back inside.

By their actions, declared by the protesters as a siege of the building, the protesters caused panic attacks among many administrative employees present in the Kazimierzowski Palace, posing a significant and real threat to their health. These actions involved constant attempts to forcefully enter the building, masked individuals hitting the building’s windows and surrounding fence, climbing on scaffolding, igniting smoke flares in the immediate vicinity of people working in the building, and blocking the exit route from the building. Additionally, the members of the administrative staff were repeatedly insulted and verbally attacked.


Given the information appearing in the public sphere that yesterday’s protest was supposed to be peaceful, it must be unequivocally stated that this does not reflect reality.



The UW Press Office