We are publishing the University of Warsaw Press Office release regarding the recent protests on the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw (11th June 2024).

From 24th May, a protest has been held in the Autonomia Park at Nowy Świat 69.


Respecting the right of the free speech, the University of Warsaw provided access to running water, electricity and sanitary facilities, as well as contact with the administrators of the buildings next to which the protest was taking place.


The UW Rector met the protesters three times. During those two-hour meetings, the representatives of the protesters presented their demands. The Rector discussed the issue during the conversations with the rectors of other Polish universities and the Minister of Science and Higher Education.


On 7th June, the representation of the University authorities made an agreement with the protesters, which was announced in public.


This agreement was breached on 11th June, when the protesters started the occupation of the area in front of the Kazimierzowski Palace and blocked the routes of access to the Main Campus.


The University of Warsaw is a place where everyone is entitled to express freely their beliefs. The right to protest is guaranteed by the Constitution and we respect it. However, this right does not free us from respecting the rights of others. This also is the rule of civil rights and freedom, which set limits to the right to protest. In the course of a protest, no one can be forced to behave in an imposed way. It is unacceptable to deprive others of the right to freely exercise their own freedom and destroy property. Everyone who decides to protest should remember that.


One cannot allow the situation when the protesters make it impossible for students or employees to leave a building or other places. It is unacceptable to block the exit routes for persons with disabilities or pregnant women. Throwing oneself in front of a departing vehicle or on its bonnet to prevent it from leaving the University premises is intolerable.


Such behaviours disorganise the functioning of the University, making it impossible for students to attend their classes and exams. Especially now, during the exam session, this is a serious problem. The employees of the University are not able to fulfil their tasks, e.g. getting to a scheduled meeting or classes with other students. Finally, such actions lead to destroying someone else’s property (vehicles parked in the area of the protest).


The University of Warsaw will do everything in its power to maintain security and restore the proper functioning of the University.


Once again, we emphasise that everyone has a right to protest and this right is respected by the University authorities. Nevertheless, no one can protest and breach the rights of others.




The UW Press Office