Until 14th April it is possible to visit two exhibitions on the UW’s main campus regarding the issue of Ukrainian students fighting in the war.

The first exhibition “Today a book, tomorrow a weapon” was prepared by Ukrainian students of the University of Warsaw and the UW Students’ Council. It features the stories of the students who are fighting in the war in Ukraine.


“We want all to see that the war affects everybody, including students,” Mykhailo Dashchenko, one of the organisers of the exhibition “Today a book, tomorrow a weapon”, says.


The exhibition is a sign of support for the Ukrainian foundation Збережи життя в Україні, which specialises in providing medical equipment directly to active combat zones.


Unissued diplomas

The University of Warsaw’s community has also looked after another exhibition “Unissued diplomas”. It tells the stories of the Ukrainian students who died during the war. The exhibition is a part of a wider initiative, which unites Ukrainian students around the world. Their goal is to remind people what is happening right now in Ukraine.


The exhibition “Today a book, tomorrow a weapon” functions as an introduction to the fundraising for 100 aid kits, which begins on 11th April. It is organised by the UW Students’ Council.


Both exhibitions are located in front of the UW Old Library until 14th April.