Representatives of the University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, and the French Institut international de l’énergie nucléaire (I2EN) signed a cooperation agreement to establish a new framework for students’ education in the field of nuclear energy.

The University of Warsaw was duly represented by Professor Sambor Grucza, Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Human Resources. The agreement was also signed by Professor Mariusz Malinowski, Vice-Rector for Research, Warsaw University of Technology, and Karen Daifuku, Director representing the International Institute for Nuclear Energy.


“As a European, I perceive the cooperation between the International Institute for Nuclear Energy and the University of Warsaw, and, actually, between France and Poland, in a sheer European spectrum. The recent years prove that the European Union should not be taken for granted. Yet it should be properly taken care of and cherished, sometimes even fight for. I am profoundly convinced that the collaboration between the I2EN and the University of Warsaw should become another milestone to reach the given aims and goals. The set dimensions of our cooperation will create a perfect pattern to follow,” Prof. Sambor Grucza, Vice-Rector, stated.


The signed cooperation agreements are believed to encourage young people to commence their studies in the fields that are associated with nuclear energy. Joint actions cover specialist courses in nuclear energy, double diploma programmes, mobility and exchange programmes between French universities and technical universities, as well as seminar classes for the students who intend to work within the nuclear energy sector.


“Our partner universities are not only interested in educating their students as future experts in nuclear energy, but also introduce plenty of skills and proficiencies that are necessary to realise Polish ambitions about the development of nuclear energy,” Karen Daifuku of I2EN said.