Up to 18th April, the UW Doctoral Schools’ participants can complete the survey regarding the situation of young researchers at the University of Warsaw. The activity is monitored by the UW Team for Quality of Education Assurance.

In 2019, according to the new Law on Higher Education and Science, the University of Warsaw established four doctoral schools. The new system of the doctoral education required a number of changes. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has put its influence on numerous research plans.


Currently, in the UW Doctoral Schools there are nearly 1,000 participants in 24 disciplines. To improve the quality of the doctoral education, as well as to support best possible doctoral dissertations, the directors of the Doctoral Schools decided to modify the educational programmes. The modifications should be carried out until the end of 2022.


To assure the proper modifications to be implemented, the UW authorities are highly interested in the opinions of the students at the Doctoral Schools. Thus, experts from the UW Team for Quality of Education Assurance have launched the survey about the organisation of the doctoral education, the cooperation with a supervisor, scientific activity, human rights, authors’ rights, research work and social conditions.


The survey responses are entirely separate from any kind of personally identifiable information. The survey takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. The responses are confidential and will be exclusively analysed by the UW Team. On the basis of the gathered material, the experts will prepare a report for the UW Rector and Vice-Rectors. The obtained report will be presented to the academic community.


The survey for the UW Doctoral Schools’ participants is available on >>