Due to the 100th anniversary of general theory of relativity, Prof. Professor David Gross will deliver a special colloquium entitled “The Enduring Legacy of Albert Einstein”.


Professor David Gross works at the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of California at Santa Barbara. He received the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of asymptotic freedom and has also made substantial contributions to the development of string theory.


That lecture will be held on 3rd December at 15.30 in auditorium 0.03 at the Faculty of Physics. (Pasteura Street 5)


The event accompanying the Scalars 2015 conference. During the conference it will be an opportunity to discuss various aspects of physics of scalar particles. That event is organized by the Faculty of Physics of the University and the Polish Physical Society.


The conference will begin on 4th and last till 7th December at the Ochota Campus of the University of Warsaw. A registration will take place on 3rd December from 5.30 till 19.00.


More information about that events one can find on the website of the Faculty of Physics.