#TechFugees is a tech community response to the European refugee crisis.

What is going on?

Begun in London, #Techfugees is now a pan-European initiative. In Warsaw we are bringing together technologists, scientists and designers in a two-week hacking sprint based at University of Warsaw’s Digital Economy Lab (DELab). The model is largely one familiar to every geek – a hackathon by ad-hoc teams – but with a few crucial differences. We will be working over a two-week period, and collaborating with other#TechFugees projects around Europe. The aim is to give of our time and brainpower.


Participants will have a chance to attend the lectures of invited mentors and experts; to participate in the workshops; to conduct the research in teams; to implement in practice the idea or plan that the team will come up with.



Friday 13 November 6:30 p.m.: briefing, context presentations, generation of ideas and formation of teams. Week till following Friday: teams research, plan and design their solutions. Friday 20 November: review, mentoring and comparing of notes. Week till following Friday: hacks away. Friday 27 November : demo day.


If you are a developer, designer, economist, social scientist, student, in fact anyone interested in contributing your knowledge and skills, sign up here.


More information.


Contact: techfugees@delab.uw.edu.pl