The scientific article written by Prof. Izabela Sosnowska from the UW was recognized as the one of the most influential papers published in the “Journal of Physics”.


“Spatially modulated spin structure (SMSS) in BiFeO3” is the title of the Prof. Izabela Sosnowska’s paper that appeared in the prestigious Journal of Physics in 1982.


The Institute of Physics (IOP) selected the most prominent papers that had been published in “Journal of Physics” for 50 years. On the occasion of 50th anniversary of the IOP the institute has prepared a special series of Viewpoints consisting of commentaries on the chosen articles. Among them is a commentary of Prof. Izabela Sosnowska from the Faculty of Physics of the UW – “Spatially modulated spin structure (SMSS) in BiFeO3 -30 years later”.


In the Viewpoints one can read also the article of John Michael Kosterlitz and David James Thouless – laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2016.