In response to the state of epidemic emergency in Poland, declared on 13th March 2020, the Rector of the University of Warsaw made a statement regulating the functioning of UW. The regulations will come into force on 16th March 2020. Changes concern working arrangements of the university administration, circulations of documents, and operating of the university building.


“Dear All,


Due to the state of epidemic emergency in Poland, declared on 13th March 2020, I introduce regulations on the University of Warsaw functioning which come into force on 16th March at 8:00. They state as following:


  1. Offices of the university administration will not be open for inquirers. In exceptional cases, the head of the office may agree to allow individuals to come to the office, in line with regulations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.
  2. People are asked to contact administrative officers by e-mail.
  3. UW administrative staff should work remotely. In case when their presence at work is needed, the head of the office may introduce work in shifts and selects those who will come to work. Employees doing home office are obliged to do assignments given by their bosses and need to be accessible in their working time.
  4. Information on working arrangements ought to appear on the websites of individual offices.
  5. Bursar’s Office of the University of Warsaw is on shift work. Commitments such as remuneration and scholarships will be on schedule. Information on other financial matters will be published on the Bursar’s Office website.
  6. Non-financial documents that require signatures should be sent as scans (PDF) or photos (JPG). Necessary signatures and stamps should be visible. Paper versions of these documents one should send following current rules.
  7. Paper versions of documents should be sent only internally, through the university system.
  8. Access to university buildings is limited to the minimum necessary.
  9. All dining facilities in university buildings are closed until further notice.
  10. Any problems related to the functioning of the University of Warsaw should be immediately reported to the coordination team at the email address


Deans and heads of UW units are obliged to organise the work of their entities, applying the above principles.


The authorities of the university remain in constant contact with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Mazowieckie Voivode and the Chief Sanitary Inspector. On the UW website, we will inform you promptly about any changes.


Once again, I would like to thank you for your support and understanding. I am convinced that together we will tackle the challenges in this, difficult for all, time.”


Marcin Pałys,

Rector of UW