International relations, economics, as well as Philosophy – these faculties are frequently selected by foreign candidates. The recruitment process in the University of Warsaw is still open.


The recruitment process started in June. If you still did not apply, you now have the chance to do so. Some faculties will still be recruiting in September. The application process is online only.


Where are there places?


There are still places waiting for prospective students. The deadlines for application for individual faculties are displayed on the candidate registration website, in the courses catalogue.


If you are interested in studying in the English language, you can still apply for:

Course popularity


Although the final results of the overall University statistics will be known only in October, we are able to provide preliminary statistics at the beginning of the academic year.


Every year, the University of Warsaw attracts over 30 thousand candidates. Each year the number of foreign candidates increases. A year ago, there were 1080 candidates from abroad. As of today, there are already 1180 applications from foreign candidates, who represent all continents – except Antarctica.


The preferences of candidates have not changed much over the last few years. The most popular courses, measured in number of candidates, are economics, law, finance, accounting and insurance. Foreign candidates also often select international relations, IT, English philology, Polish philology and biotechnology.


New courses


This year’s novel courses are Jewish history and culture andTeaching English to Young Learners (lectured in English only).