On 24th March, the Botanic Garden of the University of Warsaw is opening its new season themed “Detective Science”. The opening promises to engage visitors with a series of attractions, including a field game and guided walks. Each ticket will come with a fragrant gift, and the first visitors will also receive philodendron seedlings.

The new season at the UW’s Botanic Garden will be marked by mysteries and unsolved plant crime cases. The opening will take place on 24th March, at 10 am. There will be educational activities – walks and a field game.


At 11.00 a walk through the greenhouses entitled “Podejrzane wątki roślinne” (ENG: “Suspicious plant plots”) will begin. It will be led by Piotr Dobrzyński, a curator of greenhouse plants at the UW’s Botanic Garden. Participants will learn, for example, what secrets greenhouse plants hide, what substances from inside exotic plants can encourage illegal acts and how plants can help investigators solve mysteries.


The second walk is scheduled for 1 pm. Participants will trace the tracks of different animal species and discover their garden stories. The walk, entitled “Kto odwiedza ogród – przyrodniczy detektyw na tropie” (ENG: “Who visits the garden – nature detective on the trail!”), will be led by educator Dawid Sadkowski.


From 10 am to 6 pm, it will be possible to take part in the field game “Wiosenne ślady” (ENG: “Spring traces”).