Four UW doctoral schools inaugurated their academic year. Prof. Roman Kuźniar from the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies delivered a lecture entitled “International order at the crossroads.”

Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences, Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, Doctoral School of Humanities, and Doctoral School of Social Sciences are the new units at UW where doctoral candidates get an education. They bring together doctoral candidates from different disciplines.


Each candidate will have an individualised programme of their education. They will develop their scientific projects under the supervision of their promotors. After two years, the progress of PhD candidates will be evaluated. “It is expected that after two years of your activities, there will be an evaluation and I am sure that all of you will pass it,” said Prof. Marcin Pałys, UW rector during the ceremony of opening of Doctoral Schools.


He also presented the description of doctoral candidates: “What is the main difference between the system we had so far and the system we inaugurate today? It is that we do not see you, doctoral candidates, as students anymore. We see you as young researchers. You belong to the group of researchers at the university, and we also hope to help you with developing your skills and knowledge to be better prepared for your future careers.”


UW rector ensured PhD candidates that the university will support them and enable them to have contact with the best lecturers, professors, and researchers.



Following the UW rector’s speech, the floor was taken by Natalia Greniewska, representative of doctoral candidates who said: “The academic year which has just begun is a year in which we all face several additional challenges related to the implementation of the new act of higher education and science. That is the act that shapes our doctoral education. The new reality gives you new opportunities, new possibilities, and allow you to approach doctoral studies from a different angle.”


She encouraged young researchers to be active and try to take advantage of this time at the University of Warsaw: “New doctoral schools are a new chapter for the University of Warsaw. It brings new challenges but also new opportunities. I am sure you will take full advantage of them during the 4-year adventure of the new university. Please make sure that to benefit fully from the opportunities you get here. Meet new people from different disciplines and fields, make friends for years, travel and gain experience as possible. Be an active part of our academic community.”


During the ceremony, UW rector introduced directors of doctoral schools:

  • Prof. Maciej Abramowicz (Interdisciplinary Doctoral School)
  • Prof. Cezary Cieśliński (Doctoral School of Humanities)
  • Prof. Paweł Swianiewicz (Doctoral School of Social Sciences)
  • Prof. Jerzy Turin (Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences)

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Roman Kuźniar from the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies delivered a lecture entitled “International order at the crossroads.”


The opening of Doctoral School took place on 2nd October in the Old Library building.