Prof. Sławomir Żółtek, the University of Warsaw Vice-Rector for Students and Quality of Teaching, will clear up any doubts that might appear regarding the organisation of classes in the coming semester during an online meeting on 22nd February.

On 18th January, the UW Rector issued an ordinance regulating education in the summer semester (starting on 22nd February). The winter semester is coming to an end, followed by the examination session. The organisation of classes in the summer semester still raises many questions.


Prof. Slawomir Żółtek, the Vice-Rector for Students and Quality of Teaching, will strive to explain how education after the winter break will look.


The event which was supposed to take place on 29th January is postponed to 22nd February, 11:00. It will be held on the UW profile on Facebook.


Students can submit their questions by filling in the form which is active until 26th January, at 18:00. Prof. Sławomir Żółtek will answer selected questions during the meeting.


The online meeting will be conducted in Polish. When it is finished, a full transcript of the broadcast in Polish and English will be available. More >>