International conference entitled ‘Film and Media Education in Poland and the world – systemic solutions and case studies’,  will be taking place in Warsaw on 6-7 May 2015.

As part of the Audiovisual and Media Education Programme (PEAM) – carried out as an initiative of the University of Warsaw since 2012 – we are searching for the best formula for film and media education in Poland. It is particularly important during a period of rapid transformations in public life in which it has become impossible to participate without the ability to critically analyse the media.


In Poland, although plenty of well-functioning grass-roots initiatives exist, no solutions have yet been implemented to treat the phenomenon systemically. For that reason we want to explore the achievements and experiences of other countries in this field by organising a conference.


The conference will gather together practitioners of film and media education from at least 10 countries. The organisers ambition is to invite the creators (or representatives) of spectacular, acclaimed, stable projects which are well-known at least in their country of origin and are focussed on development.


The conference will take place in English. Participation is possible in the following forms:

  • speaker;
  • participant in the discussions;
  • observer;
  • supporting institution/sponsor.


Applications should be made using the online application form. The conference programme and organisational information will be available from 31 March.


Partners: Polish Film Institute, Centre for Open and Multimedia Education, University of Warsaw, Creative Europe Desk Poland, Eureka Media Ltd.

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