If somebody wants to visit the best and biggest university in Poland on the 25 April – the door will be open.


On that day, in one place in the main campus, all University departments and units will be present. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. you will have a chance to talk to lecturers and students and get more information about the admission process itself. You will also have the opportunity to see a simulation of court proceedings, presentations by the University physicists and chemists, and to meet our athletes.


Admission before admissionEven though the actual admission round for the academic year 2015/2016 will start only on the 10 June, some courses taught in English language have already launched the admission process. Respective times and deadlines are listed at: www.irk.uw.edu.pl.


The University of Warsaw is a diverse academic centre. University faculties and other units organize 1st and 2nd cycle studies, as well as doctoral and postgraduate courses. Prospective students may choose from among arts and humanities, as well as social, natural, physical and formal sciences. There are also interdisciplinary courses.


The candidates may select from among 30 programmes lectured in English only, including 1st and 2nd cycle courses:

American Studies, Applied Petroleum Geosciences (only 2nd),

Archaeology, Chemistry (only 2nd),

Economics (only 2nd),

English Studies,

Environmental Management (only 2nd),

European Administration (only 2nd),

Finance, Investments and Accounting, International Business Program (only 2nd),

International Relations,

Internal Security (only 2nd),

Journalism and Communication Studies (only 2nd),

Philosophy of Being, Cognition and Value (only 1st),

Political Science (only 2nd),

Psychology (uniform master-level),

Teaching English to Young Learners (only 2nd).


See all list on website


Several courses require passing a suitability test. It is an additional exam, usually oral, to check the candidate’s suitability to take up a course and to later work in the profession. International candidates may arrange an online suitability interview. These tests apply e.g. in case of the psychology course in English.


The registration is done online. Candidates set up their registration accounts, where they can apply for the courses, learn about the results of the admission procedure, access the list of necessary documents, as well as print the application templates and upload their photograph to be used in their student ID.