The Institute of Journalism of the University of Warsaw has a new seat. Now, its location is in Bednarska Street – the former Teodozja Majewska baths.


On 12th October the University of Warsaw has opened the new place dedicated to the Institute of Journalism.


That building was erected in the years 1832-1835 by Stanisław Majewski. It was built in the New Classical style. One of the few decorative elements is the portico depicting the court of Neptune and Amphitrite.


In the past the place was not only beautiful building, but also it was a place with bathing rooms and a large steam room for several people.


Today it is a renovated facility, where students of journalism can study and practice. In the same place are also the Laboratory of Media Studies, Radio Kampus and the television base.


– The most important fact is that the institute is in one place now – says Prof. Marcin Pałys, Rector of the University of Warsaw.


Over 5800 students study at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science. It is one of the largest faculties of the University. It is located in several parts of the city. The University of Warsaw is planning to improve the faculty’s conditions. It can be possible by investments plan for the University.