On 12th February, the Ministry of Education and Science has published the latest updates on COVID-19 vaccinations. The University of Warsaw is preparing itself to administer the registration process for academic teachers, and other people who conduct classes, who want to get vaccinated. The register will be open to people born after 31st December 1955.

UW chose its coordinator, Magdalena Gaczyńska (Human Resources Office Deputy Director), responsible for collecting data of those who wish to be vaccinated. Her email address: Magdalena.Gaczynska(at)adm.uw.edu.pl.


We are currently waiting for guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Science regarding the scope of data needed to complete the registration form, which will be made available to public and non-public universities.

The general information provided by the Ministry of Education and Science on 12th February: 
  • On 15th February (Monday), the National Information Processing Institute of the National Research Institute (OPI PIB) will provide universities with the registration form. People authorised by a university rector will enter the data.
  • The data will be passed on to the National Health Fund, and then to vaccination centres.
  • Vaccination centres will contact universities to arrange vaccination dates for given groups of teachers collectively from the entire university. 
  • Rectors will select vaccination places from the list of vaccination centres to be indicated by the Ministry of Education and Science. 
  • An academic teacher, working for more than one university or collaborating with more than one university, is entitled to register for vaccination only at one university. The ministry recommends choosing the primary workplace. 

More information is available on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science.