The European Commission and the Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) organize four regional roundtable debates. One of them will take place on 2nd March at the University of Warsaw.


Four roundtables discussions: south in Aix-en-Provence, north in Uppsala, east in Warsaw and west in Dublin will precede the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) which will be held in May.


The events provide a possibility, not only for people affected by conflict, academics, practitioners and youth engaged in humanitarian actions, but also for broader humanitarian community to contribute in EU humanitarian policy.


Topics of the meetings include challenges in forced migrations, protection in urban settings, access and subsidiarity in aid and regional themes.


East discussion will take place at the University of Warsaw. Eight countries will participate in this event: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. The regional topic is current humanitarian challenges in Ukraine.


In order to take part one should register.


More information about the European humanitarian roundtables 2016 are available on the website of this event.