The University of Warsaw has prepared a multiannual development plan. In November the Polish government has adopted a special resolution supporting the UW. Until 2025 the University will get PLN 945 m (about EUR 220 m).

– The slogan of our anniversary which will be celebrated in 2016 is “Two centuries. Good beginning”. The celebration of the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the University could not have a better start. That investment comprises not only buildings which will help to solve problems with working and studying conditions, but it is a source of new stimuli for research and education – says the Rector of the UW.


University’s goals

That program was developed to attain strategic goals which in the long run will also contribute to the country’s development as well.


The obtained funds will allow to:

  • develop infrastructure for transdisciplinary research centres,
  • implement changes supporting internationalization, for example, by establishing new courses of study in English, constructing and modernizing student dormitories along with sport and cultural facilities,
  • adapt and extend the infrastructure for a modern lifelong learning program,
  • extend the infrastructure supporting academic innovativeness and entrepreneurship not only from a technological perspective but also from a social one,
  • develop an experimental centre of innovations in education,
  • reinforce the existing and develop new programs for the improvement of the quality of public life.


To implement those assumptions in all three UW campuses located in different parts of Warsaw, new buildings will be erected and some of the existing ones will be retrofitted.


What will be done?

By funds out of the state budget it will be possible to construct investments for units engaged in humanities and social sciences. Among others, another part of a building for linguistic faculties will be constructed, problems with insufficient space will be solved for the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Oriental Studies, a complex for the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science will be built. Also funds were obtained for the construction of a new dormitory and the Student Cultural Center along with sport facilities.