Professor Mikołaj Bojańczyk from the Institute of Informatics of the UW has received the European Research Council Grant. It is already 10th grant for UW employees, 3rd in this year.

 Scientist was granted ERC Consolidator Grant – designed to support researchers at the stage at which they are consolidating their own independent research team or programme. Professor Mikołaj Bojańczyk is the first Pole, who got a ERC grant in this category.


His project is entitled “A unified theory of finite-state recognisability”. The researcher will be analyzing algorithms. This project will last five years. The scientist has applied for almost a 1,8 million euro project.


It is already second grant for Professor Mikołaj Bojańczykki. In 2009 computer scientist has been awarded the ERC Starting Grant on a project entitled  “SOSNA – Expressive Power of Tree Logics”. The project was an attempt to build logical languages understandable for a computer which would allow for discerning natural properties. Its value was 0,8 milion euro.


Mikołaj Bojańczyk works in the Section of Applied Logic of the Institute of Informatics of the UW, specializing in the field of computer science theory. The employees from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, Mechanics were awarded 6 ERC grants.

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