The University of Warsaw has prepared two-day workshops on cultural orientation for foreign students. The events will take place on 24th-25th and on 29th-30th September.


The workshops are dedicated to students from abroad, who will be studying at UW and would like to get to know basic information about:


  • living in Poland (costs of living, public services, transportation, banks, values and concepts specific to Poland),
  • health care (overview of the medical system, insurance, what to do in emergency situation, patients’ rights),
  • laws, rights and responsibilities (basic laws and rules that govern the country, visa and resident card information, public institutions and services, commonly broken laws),
  • housing (finding accommodation, rights and responsibilities as a renter or tenant, interpreting a lease, costs of housing, safety measures in the house, registration),
  • education (rules at the university, educational system for students),
  • cultural adaptation, cross-cultural communication.


The information about Poland will be presented by experts from the International Organization for Migration.


In order to take part in the workshops students have to register by filling in the form.


Registration for the first workshop will be open till 15th of September and for the second one till 23rd of September. The priority will be given to students admitted to long term studies. Accepted participants will receive an e-email with further information.


The workshops will be conducted in English and will be held on 24th-25th of September from 9.00 to 16.00 in the Hotel Mercure Centrum in Warsaw and on 29th-30th of September from 9.00 to 16.00 at the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw.


Participation is free of charge. There is no possibility to participate in only one day, or a part of the workshop.


In case of any questions please contact Ms. Katarzyna Basisty