The upcoming online Flagship 2 Open Session will take place on 26th January. It is one of four flagships under the 4EU+ Alliance. Participants will learn how to get involved in creating the educational offer of the 4EU+ Alliance, as well as discuss flexible learning pathways. Application deadline expires on 23rd January.

Flagship 2 – ”Europe in a changing world: understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages” is addressed to academic teachers who specialise in the Humanities or Social Sciences. The Flagship brings together scholars from various disciplines in the field of the Humanities, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Europeanness. It aims to provide students with the essential transversal skills defined by the 4EU+ Alliance (multilingualism, data literacy, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and social engagement), as well as discipline-specific skills needed to advance research in the Humanities with respect to the study of Europeanness in all its different aspects.


Three educational pathways

Within the Flagship 2 three educational pathways have been selected: Multilingualism, European Citizenship, European Pluralities. On 26th January, during the session the participants will discuss characteristics and objectives of the pathways, ways how to participate in the development of the pathways through classes and courses offered to students of the Alliance, and how to use the results of research for the creation of courses within Flagship 2.


The breakout room on multilingualism will be coordinated by Prof. Vahram Atayan from Heidelberg University, European Citizenship – by Prof. Angela Lupone from the University of Milan, and Dr Zuzana Kasáková from Charles University, European Pluralities – by Prof. Agata Bareja-Starzyńska and Dr Nicolas Maslowski from the University of Warsaw.


Registration and session

The meeting is addressed to any interested academic teacher from the field of the Humanities or Social Sciences, who have already participated in Flagship 2 activities. Students and doctoral candidates who are interested in sharing their ideas on the topic are most welcome to attend the session as well.


The session starts on 26th January from 13.00 to 15.00, with English as a language of instruction and ZOOM as a video platform for communication. Link will be sent to all registered participants on 24th January.

The online application is required via The deadline expires on 23rd January.


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