A team of experts from UW, Charles University, Heidelberg University and the University of Innsbruck have received funding in the Erasmus+ “Strategic Partnerships” call.

Strategic Partnerships are transnational projects aim at developing and sharing innovative practices and promoting cooperation, peer learning, and exchanges of experiences in the fields of education, training, and youth.


“E-learning course on Time Series Analysis in Remote Sensing for Understanding Human-Environment Interactions” (E-TRAINEE) brings together experts from three 4EU+ member universities: the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies), Charles University (project coordinator) and the University of Heidelberg, as well as a representative from the University of Innsbruck.


E-TRAINEE project’s objective is to develop a comprehensive research-oriented open e-learning course on time series analysis in remote sensing for environmental monitoring beyond the existing partners’ curricula. The course offers a multidisciplinary approach connecting themes from computer science, geography, and environmental studies.


The e-learning course consists of four modules. The first one provides a general overview on methods for time series analysis and the three others focus on specific processing steps connected to different types of data and their use in case studies on environmental monitoring:

  • Methods of Time Series Analysis in Remote Sensing
  • Satellite Multispectral Images Time Series Analysis
  • 3D/4D Geographic Point Cloud Time Series Analysis
  • Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy Time Series Analysis
  • The project will be carried out from September 2020 to August 2023

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