Two new buildings and one ceremony 19 November, the birthday of the University, will mark the opening of the new seats of the Faculty of Physics and the Centre of New Technologies.


The buildings are located in one of the three university campuses – in Ochota. They are divided by slightly over 200 metres. They were erected almost simultaneously, and the construction started in June 2010. The seat of the Faculty of Physics is a building which looks slightly differently from each of the sides, while CeNT has a uniform colour.


New seat of the Faculty of Physics


The new seat of the Faculty of Physics is the place of realisation of educational and research programmes in the field of the physics and related sciences. It is an attractive place of work for eminent scientists, an important European research centre. The seat is also interesting in architectonic terms. The complex is composed of several smaller buildings, connected by glass corridors. There is also a garden on the roof and a parking underneath the building.


Centre of New Technologies


Its modern laboratories, didactic, lecture and seminar rooms will be used mainly by the students and employees of the Faculties of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling. The scientists of the centre will specialise mainly in application of modern technologies in medicine, monitoring and environment protection, economy or crime detection.