Today, candidates received information on the results of the admissions process for the first-cycle study programmes, long cycle (uniform) Master’s studies and some English-language study programmes.

On 24th August, candidates found out about the results of this year admissions for undergraduate study programmes, long cycle (uniform) Master’s studies and some studies conducted in English. The qualification results are available on their registration accounts in the system of Internet Recruitment of Candidates.


Candidates placed on the reserve list will need to wait for a possible change of position on the list.


Submitting documents

Candidates accepted for studies are asked to submit (send by post) their documents to the admissions committee in due date. Non-submission of required documents in due date is considered equal to the candidate’s resignation from undertaking studies.

Deadlines for submission of required documents are available at IRK system under the specific field of study.


At the candidate’s registration account in the section “Enrollment applications” under the chosen field of study accessible through the link “Documents and further steps”, following documents are available: personal questionnaire, application for issuing electronic student’s id (ELS), a statement on becoming acquainted with the fees for educational services at the University of Warsaw. These documents should be printed out, signed by the candidate and submitted along with other required documents.