On 28th April the Vice-President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari delivered a lecture entitled “Seven Decades of Indian Democracy”.


Mohammad Hamid Ansari is a politician and diplomat. He worked as an ambassador of India to United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. He was also a professor at the Aligarh Muslim University. Currently, Mohammad Hamid Ansari serves as Vice-President of India (since 2007). During his visit to Poland, he met Polish authorities and took part in the Polish-Indian Business Forum.


At the University of Warsaw, Mohammad Hamid Ansari was speaking about the history of Indian democracy and present economic situation in his country. Also, he mention challenges which a diverse Indian society faces.


The full text of a lecture.


More information about the visit of the Vice-President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari is available on the website http://vicepresidentofindia.nic.in.