The 4EU+ Alliance appointed its Secretary General. This post has been taken by Volker Balli. The Secretary General will be heading the Alliance office in Paris and will be leading a cross-institutional team comprised of staff at all six 4EU+ member universities.

Volker Balli will drive and oversee the implementation of all activities of 4EU+, including the European University Initiative. He will also contribute to the overall development of the vision, mission and strategy of the Alliance and foster external contacts with 4EU+.


More about his career is available on the 4EU+ website.

4EU+ comprises six universities: Charles (Czech Republic), Heidelberg (Germany), Sorbonne (Paris), Warsaw (Poland), Milan (Italy) and Copenhagen (Denmark) which are public and research-intensive institutions. The Alliance has the ambition to create an integrated European university system, capable of empowering students, researchers and society as a whole to take on the challenges facing Europe. For more information, please visit