Student of the Faculty of Physics of the UW – Wojciech Gładysz wrote the best essay about sustained exploration of the inner solar system and became the winner in 2015 Contest of the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science.


The topic of that year’s competition referred to the question: “How can human civilization develop a successful strategy for the sustained exploration of the inner solar system for the next 200 years?”.


Wojciech Gładysz has occupied 1st place in the 2015 contest. He was chosen by an expert panel of BMSIS research scientists as well as a group of outside judges of esteemed scientists and writers. His essay will be published in in a scientific journal and his ideas will be presented in an episode of the “BlueSciCon” podcast series.


This is not the first time when Wojciech Gładysz was awarded. Last year student was 2nd Honorable Mention in BMSIS competition.


The Blue Marble Space Institute of Science is a non-profit research institute with an interdisciplinary approach to studying the relationship between Earth system science, space exploration, and the future of humanity.


More information on the website of the BMSIS.