From 30th June to 3rd July, the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting will attract young scientists and Nobel laureates. This year’s event will be attended by a physicist from the University of Warsaw.

This year’s meeting dedicated to physics will take place between 30th June and 3rd July in Lindau, Germany. The event will be attended by around 600 young scientists, who are experts in their fields, have recommendations from experienced researchers and publish in prestigious scientific journals.


During the upcoming meeting, the University of Warsaw will be represented by Prof. Michał Parniak from the Division of Optics of the Faculty of Physics as well as its graduates: Piotr Grochowski and Anna Dawid.


Prof. Michał Parniak is the head of the Quantum Optical Devices Laboratory (QOD Lab) at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies (QOT). In his research he mainly investigates quantum information technology and innovative optical communication technologies. He is an author or a co-author of many research papers that have been published in journals such as Nature Physics, and Nature Communications. For the scientific achievements he has won a number of awards, including START 2019 stipends from the Foundation for Polish Science.


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Lindau full of physics

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings have been held regularly since 1951. The attendees, Nobel Prize laureates, have there a chance to share their research experiences with young scientists. Each annual event comprises many conferences, plenary sessions, lectures and networking.


Every year the list of the Lindau guests includes several dozen laureates of the Nobel Prize. A topic of the meeting relates to one of the three disciplines: physiology and medicine, physics, and chemistry. Every five years an interdisciplinary meeting regarding the three natural sciences is held. Further, every three years a meeting is devoted to economics.