In 2016 the University of Warsaw celebrates its 200th anniversary. Many events have been prepared on this occasion. One of them is the UW Alumni World Reunion.


Plenty of scientific lectures, exhibitions, concerts and other meetings take place at the University of Warsaw due to 200th birthday of the University. Information about them are available on jubilee website.


From 13th May to 14th May the UW Alumni World Reunion will be held. In the program of that event are:


Conference “I am from the UW” – in TED Talk format

We will meet the most interesting, multidimensional UW individualities: lecturers, students and alumni, who are not that well known to the general public. We want to show the diversity and distinctiveness of their achievements, interests, and personalities. The conference will be hosted by journalists, artists, writers, and businessmen – all UW alumni.

(13th May, Auditorium Maximum)



BUWing – a meeting of UW community at the Garden of the University Library

A casual get-together at one of the most exceptional places in Warsaw. Accompanied by good live music and food provided by Warsaw restaurants run by UW alumni. (13th May, University of Warsaw Library)



Meeting at the UW departments

A chance to visit places where you studied. See what has changed and what stayed the same since your time as a student. Meet old friends as well as current students and professors from your department. (14th May)



Concert “I am from UW – Alumni for Alumni”

Concert Alumni for Alumni – artists who are UW alumni together on stage: Magda Umer, Elektryczne Gitary, T.Love i Muniek Staszczyk, Zespół Reprezentacyjny, Poparzeni kawą, Halina Kunicka, Alicja Majewska, Kazik Staszewski i Kult, Taco Hemingway and Zygmunt Kukla big-band Zygmunta. (14th May, Sowiński Park Amphitheatre)



Registration for the UW Alumni World Reunion at