In 2016 the University of Warsaw celebrates its 200th anniversary. Many events have been prepared on that occasion. One of them was the UW Alumni World Reunion.

From 13th May to 14th May the graduates of the University of Warsaw participated in the UW Alumni World Reunion. In the program of that event were:

  • conference “I am from the UW” – in TED Talk format,
  • BUWing – a meeting of UW community at the Garden of the University Library,
  • meetings at the UW departments,
  • concert “I am from UW – Alumni for Alumni”.


In addition to the UW Alumni World Reunion, the following events are planned as a part of the University of Warsaw’s jubilee celebrations:


Warsaw Boat Race

4. June – approximately 200 competitors from all around the world are going to take part in 4 km long race, along the banks of the Vistula. At the end of the race the University of Warsaw will be competing against the Warsaw University of Technology. This refers to an annual contest between two rowing crews from Oxford and Cambridge universities.


University’s Time Machine – the University 200 years ago

11. June – one could find out how the University looked two centuries ago, get to know the 19th century fashion, taste special dishes or play historical games. The event will take place at the Main Campus of UW. (Krakowskie Przedmieście Street 26/28).


Gala Jubilee Concert

19. November – during this event Polish composer Paweł Szymański will present his own composition created especially on the occasion of 200th anniversary of the UW. The guests will have an opportunity to hear the laureate of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition. This event will take place at the Warsaw Philharmonic. (Jasna Street 5)