What hopes brings the year 2015 to the University? What is there to be expected, and what are our expectations?


Professor Marcin Pałys, the Rector of the University of Warsaw:


“I think that as a University we are finishing this year and starting the new one in a good shape, with good ideas and in the atmosphere which facilitates cooperation. I wish my collaborators that they may get ever better scientific results which will find recognition on the European and global scale. This is our goal, and at the same time the field in which we still have a lot of work to do.


I hope that the New Year will bring about the realization of the scientific plans of our researchers, and their personal success will also contribute to the success of the whole University, bringing prestige and intellectual wealth.

It is also my wish that during the distribution of the European funds the needs of our arts faculties and social sciences faculties would receive more attention. We would like to increase the comfort of work and study, but we need support.”