On 29th July Juan Carlos Varela, president of Panama and Isabel Saint Malo, vice-president of that state visited the University of Warsaw.


Delegation of Panama came to Poland on account of World Youth Day in Cracow, where more than 1 500 young people from Panama participated in that event. The University of Warsaw was one of the venues visited by the president of Panama.


The meeting concerned a scientific cooperation and an exchange between the UW and universities in Panama. President Varela was particularly interested in English-language programmes offered by the UW.


Prof. Tadeusz Tomaszewski, vice-rector of the UW welcomed the heads of Panama state. The meeting was attended also by dr Joanna Gocłowska-Bolek, head of the Centre for Latin-American Studies and Enrique Zarak, ambassador of the Republic of Panama in Warsaw.


In 2014 the University of Warsaw was the first Polish university which signed the agreement of cooperation with the University of Panama. The accord enabling both universities the realization of mutual projects and a student and scholar exchange – e.g. prof. Onfala López Chávez was delivering lectures about economy at the UW.