The Research Center in Cairo of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (PCMA) and Ain Shams University’s Polish language lectorate organize on 5th and 6th May a Polish-Egyptian Medieval Films Evenings.


The aim of this event is a popularization of Polish and Egyptian movies concerning the Middle Ages epoch in Europe and in Middle East.


Movies, which will be shown:


5 May 2015 – “Krzyżacy” (“Knights of the Teutonic Order”) directed by Aleksander Ford, 1960.

6 May 2015 – “Al Nasser Salah Ad Din” directed by Youssef Shahin, 1963.Al Nasser Salah Ad Din”, directed by Youssef Shahin,1963.


Before the displays of films students from Polish language lectorate of Ain Shams University will make an introduction to these movies.


PCMA Research Center in Cairo acts on behalf of the community of Polish archaeologists, researchers and conservators, and ensures efficient management of the Polish archaeological and conservation effort in Egypt. It represents Polish research interests in relations with the authorities responsible for antiquities in Egypt.


More information on the wobsite of PCMA.