International conference “One region, many stories” will be held on 29th October since 9 am till 4.30 pm in the Business Center Zielna (Zielna 37 street, Warsaw). EUROREG UW is one of the organizators.

Ten years have passed since the so called “2004 Big-Bang Enlargement” of the EU. A lot has changed during this period in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries that joined the EU back then. Once considered a peripheral region of Europe, the CEE area is rapidly catching up, thus gradually gaining more and more significance in the EU.


During the international conference devoted to the transformation experience and development perspectives of the CEE countries, organizers would like to look at the challenges that the region has been facing in terms of economic performance, cross-border cooperation and plans for the future development. Together with the representatives from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, but also Germany and Ireland, participants will try to find the answers to the following questions: To what extent have the CEE countries been affected by the global economic crisis and how are the countries trying to recover from it? What are the patterns of integration and cooperation in the CEE cross-border areas? What are the visions and scenarios for development in the Central and Eastern Europe?


Conference “One region, many stories – Transformation Experience and Development Perspectives of the Central and Eastern European Countries. 10 Years After the 2004 EU Enlargement” is organised by: ESPON Polish Contact Point, The Institute of Public Affairs, Centre for European Regional and Local Studies at University of Warsaw, The Visegrad Group.