The University of Warsaw introduced new rules regarding support for researchers.


Not only employees of the University of Warsaw, but also scholars from different institutions who would like to carry out international and prestigious research projects at the UW can apply for funding. The University will also finance, among others, publications and scientific journals, the participation in conferences, study visits. The UW research budget for 2017 equals PLN 1.2 million. This new model of research funding is aimed at strengthening internationalisation of the university and supporting researchers and their ambitious, great projects of global significance.


There are three ways of receiving funds:

  • subsidies enabling researchers to get prestigious, international grants


It is an offer dedicated to scientists both from the UW and other universities who are going to apply for the most significant international grants, e.g. Horizon 2020, European Research Council grants. – The main intention of a new system is to attract scholars and encourage them to conduct research (above all international research) at the University of Warsaw – explained Prof. Maciej Duszczyk, Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations. – We would like to create the instruments that will support the UW scholars at the time when they do not carry out any projects, however they would like to do so in the future. We are going to create a mechanism of winning scholars (who do not work at the UW) over. For that reason we would like to offer them part-time work. It would be a time for getting to know our University and preparing application forms. After receiving grants, scientists would conduct projects at the UW – said Vice-Rector.


Within a year the University of Warsaw is planning to give 10 subsidies at the outside. Each of them – PLN 50 thousand. The University will conduct a two-stage competition – the first stage is related to written applications, the second one – to interviews. A special commission consisted of experienced scholars from the UW (who conducted big research projects such as the ERC grant-holders or coordinators of projects financed from Horizon 2020 programmes) will assess research proposals.


  • research funding for units


These funds will be aimed at publishing the summaries of joint research projects carried out by the UW units and intercollegiate projects. Outstanding Polish and international scholars will get financial support for the participation in scientific conferences which will be held at the UW. The University of Warsaw staff will receive funds for study visits. The maximum amount of support – PLN 10 thousand or PLN 15 thousand.


  • microgrants


Employees of the UW will be able to pay for the translation of their papers accepted for being published in magazines with the Impact Factor (IF). Scholars will also get the support for sharing their papers in an open access and taking part in international conferences. Microgrants equal up to PLN 5 thousand or PLN 8 thousand.


More information about subsidies is available on the website of the Research Administration Office.