How many people study at the University? Why study in Poland? Which courses are delivered in English? You will find the answers on this site!


The new website of the University of Warsaw is the right place for candidates, students, employees and guests of the University who want to know more about it. Regardless of why you are here, there is something for you inside.


Let’s get to know each other


The University of Warsaw is the meeting place for people from various regions of Poland and all corners of the world. For those who want to get to know our University better, we have prepared the About University tab where you can find Facts and Figures, historical accounts and information about the upcoming anniversary. Click on the tabs Study in Warsaw and Poland the Right Choice to enjoy a virtual tour of the biggest academic centre of Poland and learn about the country located at the very heart of Europe.


Become our student


If you want to study at the University of Warsaw, click on the Degree Programmes tab and select the applicable level of education. You will learn about the requirements and phases of recruitment, the faculties and courses delivered in English, and obtain information about individual courses.


A good start


If you have just qualified as our student – congratulations and welcome! Please visit the Practical Information tab. You will find there not only some more information about the studies as such, but also about the formalities you have to complete before your arrival, places to stay in Warsaw and moving around the city.


We invite students of other schools to visit the University of Warsaw within the frames of international exchange programmes, short-term studies and other types of courses. You will find relevant information under the Exchange and Guest Students tab.


Research University


Research and Cooperation are tabs for scientists and representatives of scientific institutions from all over the world. It provides information on what research projects and programmes are conducted in the University of Warsaw, which research centres are run by the University, in which regions outside of Poland our scientists conduct their research and which institutions cooperate with the University of Warsaw.


The University of Warsaw is one of the biggest employers in Mazovia. If you want to join the ranks of more than 7 thousand UW employees, check the current job offers under the Jobs tab.


Must-see point


If you have just arrived or you wish to visit Warsaw, be sure to make your way to the University. The architecturally remarkable campus of the University of Warsaw is located at the heart of the city. Sculpted decorations, impressive interiors, buildings shrouded in greenery – all this makes the campus at Krakowskie Przedmieście one of sightseeing highlights of Warsaw. For those visiting the University, we have prepared the university’s guide – Visit the University of Warsaw,  where you will find pictures and descriptions of the most important places at the UW.


Polish your Polish


For all those who wish to learn the Polish language and, in the future, make words such as „szczoteczka” (a brush) or „chrząszcz” (a bug) effortlessly roll off their tongue, we have prepared a small English to Polish dictionary of phrases, called Mini-Dictionary, to give you a good start. If you get bitten by the Polish language bug, you can brush up your language skills at the Polish language courses. We described them for you in the Language Courses tab.