On 25th June, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the University of Warsaw and the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The collaboration concerns academic exchange and joint research projects.

On 25th June, Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, the UW Rector, hosted a delegation from the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Almaty. The Kazakh institution was represented by the Director General Dr Sayabek Sakhiyev and the Head of Atomic Energy Safety Problems Laboratory Dr Asset Shaimerdenov.


The main purpose of the meeting was to sign a memorandum of understanding between the University of Warsaw and Institute of Nuclear Physics in Almaty. As part of the cooperation, exchange of academic and technical staff is planned, as well as joint research projects and research infrastructure development.


The Institute of Nuclear Physics was founded in 1957. Its activities focus on the development of nuclear technology, the study of reactor safety and the application of nuclear physics in various fields, such as industry, agriculture and medicine.


The unit responsible for the direct collaboration with the INP will be the Heavy Ion Laboratory at the University of Warsaw. The centre operating a heavy ion accelerator is equipped with modern spectrometers for experimental studies in the domain of nuclear spectroscopy and reactions. The laboratory is a place of various measurements conducted by international researchers.


The Heavy Ion Laboratory was represented at the meeting by the acting Director Dr Paweł Napiorkowski, Deputy Director for technical affairs Dr Jarosław Choiński, the Head of the Nuclear Reaction Section Dr Agnieszka Trzcińska, and Jolanta Matuszczak, who was responsible for organising the meeting.