University of Warsaw Higher education cooperation

Associations of universities

UW is a member of international conferences and associations of universities, to promote higher education and academic collaboration:

Erasmus+ educational projects

University of Warsaw coordinates an Erasmus+ project FAB – Formative Assessment for Foreign Language Learning & Teaching in Higher Education. The main objective of the project is the improvement in the quality of language instruction through providing the language teachers with suitable formative assessment tools for evaluating speaking skills.


UW is also a partner in other Erasmus+ projects:

  • INNOVARCH – Innovating Training Aims and Procedures for Public Archaeology,
  • ELBYSIER – Electronics beyond Silicon Era,
  • School-to-Work Transition for Higher education students with disabilities in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro (Trans2Work),
  • MappED!
  • AESOP – Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position,
  • EWP – Erasmus without Paper,
  • e-QUATIC – On-line quality assessment tool for international cooperation,
  • REALISE – Realising the potential of the international mobility of staff in higher education.

Erasmus Mundus projects

UW is a partner in two Erasmus Mundus projects:

Joint programmes

The University is developing joint programmes at the Bachelor and Master level to enable studying at Warsaw and at a partner university. In cooperation with universities from France, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, Holand, Iceland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Nepal, Korea, Kosovo, Israel, Ireland, Slovenia, UW offers 29 joint programmes.


Doctoral students can receive a joint doctoral degree based on cotutelle agreements with partner universities abroad.


In partnership with universities outside Poland, the University of Warsaw also runs MBA programmes and schools of foreign law.


The University of Warsaw participated in two Bologna Process EU projects. The aim of the suggested solutions is to integrate the European Higher Education Area and make it easier to compare qualifications gained in various countries:

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