University of Warsaw Research units


Faculty of Applied Linguistics EN, RU, DE, FR

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialisation

Faculty of “Artes Liberales”

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Economic Sciences

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies

Faculty of Geology

Faculty of History

Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies

Faculty of Law and Administration

Faculty of Management EN, RU

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics

Faculty of Modern Languages

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Polish Studies

Faculty of Political Science and International Studies

Faculty of Psychology


Dedicated Research Centers

  • Humanities and social sciences

Center for Forensic Science

Centre de Civilisation Francaise et d’Etudes Francophones aupres de l`Universite de Varsovie (FR)

Centre for Europe

Centre for Local Goverment and Development Studies

Centre for Political Analysis

Centre of Migration Research

Digital Economy Lab

Digital Humanities Lab

Institute of Americas and Europe

Centre for Latin-American Studies (ES)

Centre for European Regional and Local Studies

American Studies Centre

Interdisciplinary Centre for Behavioural Genetics

Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology

The Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Center

The Robert B. Zajonc Institute for Social Studies

  • Natural Sciences

Biological and Chemical Research Centre

Centre for Environmental Studies

Centre for Preclinical Research and Technology

Centre of New Technologies

Heavy Ion Laboratory

Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling



Chaire UNESCO du Developpement Durable de l`Universite de Varsovie

Erasmus of Rotterdam Chair

Tadeusz Mazowiecki Chair

Additional information

The University of Warsaw is the country’s leader in teaching and research. The keynote of its activities is:
the unity of research and education, as well as a harmonious development of all
disciplines represented at the University: Humanities, Social and Natural sciences.